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About Secrets in Destiny

There are some. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6U78jrNHxE


I found a very helpful tool today. If you’re editing videos, and are having issues with your editor due to file size, it’s easy to copy a segment out to another file using ffmpeg.

Download the exe from this site: http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/, or if you’re not on windows you can find the other builds on http://ffmpeg.org.

Documentation is here: http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html

First, I dropped the exe in the directory with the video, then opened a command prompt in that same directory, and used this command to copy a clip from 33 minutes into the video that was 1 minute and 22 seconds long. The source video was named 2016-03-02_05-16.54.mp4 and it was output to test.mp4 in the same dir.

ffmpeg -ss 00:33:28 -t 00:01:22 -i 2016-03-02_05-16-54.mp4 test.mp4

Prague on unbeatable in Forza Motorsport 6.

I ran a 1:30 lap, and won on unbeatable. Poorly named difficulty setting if you ask me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5PRYsnz_oc

Project CARS – Wheel shake issue

So, tonight I took on some pCARS in a McLaren 12C GT3. It’s late so I made some mistakes.  It might be good for some laughs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ28jRP2_RI

While I was playing though, whenever I’d drive in a straight line, with the wheel perfectly centered, the wheel would begin to shake violently. It would stop as soon as I put pressure in any direction on the wheel. I went into settings because I thought maybe there was a dead-zone assigned to the wheel causing it to act that way, but no. Dead-zone was 0. I did think to recalibrate it, and that solved the issue, so if you run into that issue try the calibration, and let me know if that works for you.

Destiny – Sniping

Here’s a series of videos on sniper / trials training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sdC6MgGZ_s&list=PLrLOIJGyXYsfcooU4SU0uk7uPi97MUvs9&index=6

The playlist is out of order, but start with How to Snipe (Episode 1), and follow the titles from there.

NOTE: this series begins when only year 1 gear is out, so you might not recognize some of the weapon names. Year 2 comes about later in the series.

Also, a couple sniper rifles added to the list:

  • Hereafter, exotic sniper rifle.
  • (Harrowed) Defiance of Yasmine. Raid sniper, legendary

These two sniper rifles are great for PVP even if you haven’t been good at sniping before. In episode 1  of the series above, the commentator covers Rate of fire, but in Episode 3 he discusses aim assist in Destiny, which isn’t exposed in the UI of the game. Here’s a chart showing the top of the chart for aim assistance:

<chart ommitted, see http://db.planetdestiny.com/items/view/3227022823 >

As compared to the 1000 yard stare:

Full chart at: http://db.planetdestiny.com/items/view/3227022823  but it takes a while to load.

Looking at the in-game stats, you might believe the 1000 yard is the best combination. It has the most impact, a ridiculous range, and reloads quickly, on top of being very stable. However, flicking the stick and pulling off a head-shot is much easier with the other weapons and can be done very quickly without having to spend time lining up the shot. Although, with the short gaze scope, the 1000 yard is really good.

The Weyloran’s March doesn’t have enough impact or range to really compare to the rest of these. The others will each drop a guardian with one head-shot or with two body-shots, the first of which will definitely stagger them a bit.

The hereafter also causes a bright flash for your opponents when you crit a nearby opponent, making it easy to get several at once, especially when they’re grouped around heavy, spark, rift, or control zone.

If you’re more accustomed to exotic primary, there’s a couple legendaries out there which might take their place. I’m using colovance’s duty which has higher impact, aim assist, stability, and range (it’s actually maxed out on range) than the Mida. Haakon’s hatchet (Auto), and Hawksaw (pulse) are pretty good too. Most people seem to use rockets, especially Truth, for heavy, but there are several legendary alternatives that have abilities like: detonate early based on proximity, target tracking, or scatter grenades. I also use my raid machine gun sometimes, but I prefer my sword, you get a ton of ammo, and it’s fun to camp a choke point like a zone, spark, rift, heavy, special at other teams spawn, etc. You get increased armor when wielding a sword, and you can block. If you’ve been sniping for a while on a map, it’s good to mix up your locations so they don’t come try to hunt you down. I usually duck when I’m camping though so I don’t show up on radar. If you still miss the permanent radar from Mida, and you’re a hunter, there’s an exotic helmet called knucklehead radar which gives you permanent radar for all primaries.

The best thing about black spindle is not having to reload since entire clip is instantly reloaded on triple tap (3 rapid precision hits). Which is very easy on ultra’s in and outside of the raids.

Destiny – About Iron Banner

You’ll find some gear that gives reputation bonuses for certain modes, such as crucible, vanguard, and iron banner. Iron banner, for example, has shaders, emblems, and class armor. Once you get emblem/shader for one character, you can go to kiosk in north tower to retrieve, for free, with your other characters.

Iron banner, and other special events like Crimson doubles are worth doing. For example, in iron banner, once you hit rank 5, 310-320 gear can drop.

Also, once you hit rank 5 with a character, complete each bounty daily, but don’t turn them in. Next time iron banner rolls around, you can turn them in to level quickly (be sure to equip your iron banner gear (class armor, shader, emblem which give bonus iron banner rep). Additionally, once one character hits rank 5, your other characters will level faster. Here’s a guide to leveling in iron banner: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3t5als/the_full_iron_banner_guide_to_ranking_up_fast_now/

Destiny – Weapons worth collecting

Destiny exotic swords

  • http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2014/09/13/destiny-how-to-get-exotic-weapons-guide.htm (other wiki’s on this too, if this one is no good)
  • Arc
    • Ability: throw spinning arc of light which lingers on hit
    • This is a one shot in PVP, and very useful for ranged attacks since it tracks targets.
    • My favorite. Only one I didn’t break down
    • Also very useful in PvE
  • Solar
    • I don’t really use this one but it has powerful uppercut
  • Void
    • Ability: Spin in circle with blade and damage nearby enemies
    • Useful in PvE when you have several enemies which blitz in hordes


  • Red Death
    • Exotic
    • Haven’t found this yet
    • Recharges health on kills
  • Black Spindle
    • Exotic sniper
    • Refill clip with 3 rapid precision hits
    • When daily heroic is runaway and 3 locked doors, to the right of 3rd 10 minute timer. Use heavy and special liberally ( I synth at beginning of story, so my synth is recharged by the time I get to the challenge)
  • Touch of malice
    • Exotic scout rifle with full auto
    • 45 fragments (fragmented.crystalhelix.com). Then follow quest line
  • Mida Multi-Tool
    • Exotic scout rifle
    • Random or occasionally sold by Xur
  • Truth
    • Random exotic heavy rocket launcher which tracks targets and detonates early based on proximity
  • 1000 yard stare
    • Random drop legendary sniper
    • Also sold by Vanguard armory near the shipwright. The vendor hear sells it with a pretty good ability set.
    • If you find one with the ShortGaze SLH10 scope, keep it. This is better than the vendors version.
  • Colovance’s Duty
    • Rank 4 legendary scout rifle in current Iron banner. Many advantages over Mida depending on match objective.
  • The last word
    • I’ve heard this is a ridiculously good exotic hand cannon

If you’ve turned in 4 relics to the gunsmith, the following month on the 7th, you’ll have a mission on earth that isn’t available again until the following month on the 7th. If you complete it, you’ll unlock a quest line to get you the Sleeper Simulant which destroys things in PvE, and can one-shot a guardian in PVP as well (although, it’s mostly used in PvE).

Also, pay attention to your gear. Gauntlets can increase reload speed significantly. I usually perk my sniper. Chest pieces often have increased ammo capacity for primary or special, and boots have it for special/heavy. I spawn now with 12 sniper rounds.

Another handy one if you like rockets is the rocket launcher perk that lets you find heavy more often, and receive more ammo when you do. Couple that with extra ammo from a good pair of boots, and you have a fun heavy round in trials.