Destiny – Useful sites and apps

The in-game tools are lacking. Bungie has released an API that’s been used by several essential apps and sites. I’ve included the ones I’ve found here.



  • Tower Ghost for Destiny (android, Windows Phone)
    • Move gear b/w characters. Create Named loadouts for gear/abilities. i.e. Trials Loadout, Max light, Control, Oryx, etc. Create loadouts for specific events and equip all with single button press
      • NOTE: Use max light when decrypting (even if blues). You get higher rolls from engrams the higher your light is
    • Android (and maybe iOs)
      • Destiny infused
      • Ishtar Commander
      • Where is Xur
      • Destiny (don’t use their inventory management. But good stats/match history and such)
      • net (find groups for specific events. Or list your group. You can even designate light required. I also usually note: adults only)